“he is completely present and engaged with his clients during the entire workout. He listens and partners with me.”


In January 2008, I won a free personal training session and had my first meeting with Schmid Etienne. After working out with him for an hour I looked at Schmid and said, “you are so hired!” Little did I know then that this first meeting would be the beginning of an 8-year journey together. When I first hired Schmid I was hiring a highly skilled and knowledgeable personal trainer. Now every time I sign up for a new contract I know I’m investing in my own personal “Body Mechanic.”  

I’m impressed with his thirst for knowing how the body works holistically, i.e., physically, neurologically, nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually, and then tailoring his work with me based on the type of attention different parts of my body need regarding strength, greater range of motion and even rest. He has added Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) to his practice and I have benefitted greatly from his expertise in this training/healing modality.

Several years ago I had a hip replacement and thought my leg would never be the same. The new titanium rod in my thigh and a new ball & socket joint had me feeling as though my leg wasn’t mine, it was foreign, it stopped working like the other leg. I was unable to lie on my back and lift my leg straight up. My mind said, “lift leg,” but my body was unable to respond to the request. Just last week I told Schmid that my leg feels like mine again. It feels like it belongs. Anyone who has had a body part replacement may understand what I mean.

I have worked with other personal trainers and I watch personal trainers in action at the gym, and I see what makes Schmid unique and special. First, he is completely present and engaged with his clients during the entire workout. He listens and partners with me before during and after the workout vs. just giving me a set of weights to lift, directing me to a machine and at the end saying, “see you next time.” He doesn’t treat his profession as “just a job.”  The visible passion for his work is clearly evidenced by how he studies, invests in learning, models and speaks about it. He brings his positive energy to the workout every time, a tool he uses to encourage and acknowledge me, and to inspire me to do another set, lift a heavier weight, slow down the motion or simply hold in place.

I feel blessed to call him “my body mechanic,” my coach and my friend!