The Roadmap to a healthier you 

The SE2 Road to Fitness engages the mind to build a strong, more efficient body, better able to take on whatever challenges you aspire to conquer at whatever age.  It is a process built on discovering your body's strengths and limitations and developing an individual action plan that is continuously refined while you are training to optimize results.  We help you achieve your goals-whatever they are-from climbing the stairs easily to running a marathon. Goal-oriented and measured objectively, the SE2 road to Fitness consists of four phases, all geared toward creating an unbiased, integrated approach to your health and well-being:

Working with a certified SE2 Coach, you will soon discover how to unleash the strength, flexibility, stamina, and stability within YOU.

Phase 1- Readiness

Readiness is the starting point, the building block, if you will, of this process.  We believe that a client must be ready for change and ready to make a change for success to happen in the mental, physical and social aspects of their life.

Unlike phase 1 which was purely mental, this phase is all about the physical aspect of things. This is an in-depth quantitative evaluation and assessment of the individual’s physical body.

Phase 2 - Observation

In this phase, the coach will examine every single piece of data collected individually as well as holistically. The goal is to identify the most important and essential way to start the client’s exercise process.

Phase 3 - Decision

This phase is the interactive and engaging part of the process, where we closely look at specific bodily or mental exertion, or the removal thereof, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health.

Phase 4 - Action

This phase is both the ending of the current loop and the beginning of a new loop. The coach assesses and reassesses the current state of the whole system to be certain that it is ready to progress further.

Phase 5: Refine