Phase 2 - Observation

This is phase 2 on the road to a better YOU! Unlike phase 1 which was purely mental, this phase is all about the physical aspect of things. This is an in-depth quantitative evaluation and assessment of the individual’s physical body, which we call ALLOSTATIC load screen. We call it this because Allostasis is the accumulative where and tear (such as trauma, injuries, surgeries, physiological stressors, psychological stressors, structural stressors and chemical stressors) that the individual body has been exposed to or faced over his/her existence. The goal is to identify as many of these stressors as possible so the coach can have a more accurate understanding of the indivudual's current state and allostasis score. 

We collect data on everything that could be affecting your physical body, such as: 

•    Full Body Measurements
•    Respiration Screen
•    Standing Screen
•    Supine Screen
•    Body Weight Distribution
•    Range of Motion
•    SARS screen

•    Exercise History
•    Health History
•    Injury History
•    Surgery History
•    Disease History
•    Current/Previous Medications
•    Pain Ranking and Location