Schmid Etienne, MS, MATcs

Founder, BOSS - Body Optimization System Specialist

Schmid Etienne is a Minority and Serviced Disabled Veteran entrepreneur, owner and president of Seraphim Exercise Engineering Studio (SE2 Studio). He is also the Co-founder and CEO of R.E.S.S.E.T studio, a research backed wellbeing and stress management program that is designed to teach individuals how to effectively manage stress by simply using their senses. 

 Schmid has a master’s degree from Northeastern Illinois University in Exercise Science with a focus in Biochemistry and Human Movement as well as numerous graduate and advance level programs in neuromuscular systems, rehabilitation and biomechanics such as MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques), RTS (Resistance Training Specialist) and MSS (Muscle System Specialist) to name a few.  He recently completed the Bunker Labs veteran entrepreneur programs in Chicago through Chicago’s center for technology entrepreneurship best known as (1871). He has seven years of experience in fitness club management, Staff Development, and thirteen years of personal training, fitness professional experience and four years as a BOSS (Body Optimization System Specialist. Schmid is currently focusing his time and energy in learning and understanding allostasis and its role in the improvement of health.